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A collection of online books (e-books) on a variety of topics including: business, computers, travel, careers, literary criticism, psychology, and reference. Classics and other public domain e-books also can be accessed.

1. In order to use personalized features, such as creating Favorites lists and note taking, or to use NetLibrary from off-campus, you need to set up a NetLibrary account. To do this, you must be at a computer somewhere on campus or using TCNJ dialup services. Once you have created it, you can use your account anywhere.

Connect to NetLibrary at
Click Create a Free Account.
You are asked to create a username and password and to supply some personal contact information.
Click Create Account. Creating your new account automatically logs you into NetLibrary. For subsequent visits from off-campus or to use customized features, you will have to log in by clicking the Log In button on the main navigation bar.

2. Search for books using the form on the main page. This searches the TCNJ e- book collection as well as publicly accessible e-books. Your Search Results list will display. To use a book, click on View this Book. If you plan to use the book again in the future, you may want to click Add to Favorites. When you choose “View this Book,” the table of contents will be displayed. (You view the book in 15-minute increments. If you are not active for 15 minutes, the book will be “returned” to the collection.) Navigation tabs include:

Contents: Navigate through chapters and sections of the book. A plus sign indicates that a heading is expandable. Click on a heading to go to that section of the book.
Search: Search for a word or phrase in the full-text content of the book. The total number of pages in the book that contain occurrences of your word or phrase displays. To display a particular page, click View this page.
Notes: To use the Notes feature, you will need to log in to your NetLibrary account. As you view a page, you can write brief comments in the “Note” box (500 words) and then click Add Note. The page number will automatically become part of the note name.

3.On subsequent visits to NetLibrary, to see any “Favorites” you added to your list or “Notes” you have taken, click the Log In or Favorites and Notes link at the top of the NetLibrary screen.


  • Note: Users on the TCNJ campus can search and view TCNJ’s collection of e-books without logging in. TCNJ Users will need to set up a NetLibrary account from a computer somewhere on campus or using TCNJ dialup services in order to use NetLibrary from off-campus. TCNJ’s NetLibrary e-books are read online, they cannot be downloaded.
  • Available for users on the TCNJ Campus.
  • Authorized TCNJ users who are off-campus will need to login with their TCNJ username and password after selecting a database, or dial directly into the network. More »
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Our licensing agreements require that off campus access to most of these electronic resources be limited to students, faculty and staff of The College of New Jersey. However, all resources are available from within the library.